Stenciled Concrete

Stenciling is typically done with a wax impregnated paper in a roll that is precut to patterns that can be selected from a catalog (stone, brick, etc.).

The stencil is then wet set into the concrete when the concrete is first laid. Then color hardener is cast over the concrete, troweled in, release agent is applied, and it is textured. The result is a realistic tile stone or brick look that is extremely durable due to the color hardener product.

Patios, walkways, and driveways are common places to find stenciled concrete. Stairs and steps can be cleverly done as well.

All of the patterns used commonly in stamped concrete are available. It works very well with brick patterns. Rosettes and compasses are available, as well as custom stencils (logos, names, and image files).

Stenciled concrete creates a realistic grout line that looks more like real stone, tile, or brick.

With  years of experience we consider ourselves to be experts in constructing Stenciled Concrete finishes.

Whether you want your stenciled concrete to look rustic , or whether you would like it to have a contemporary look, we can give you just the look you are after.

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