ASP Unique Paving is one of the top concrete contractors in Melbourne. For over 25 years , we’ve provided affordable, high quality workmanship across the city. In that time, we’ve also acquired a wealth of information and experience that has made us the leader in concreting industry, here in Melbourne.

ASP UNIQUE PAVING will offer you the services of building your exposed aggregate concrete driveways, colored concrete, slate impression concrete, stenciled concrete and any other decorative concrete.

Known for the excellent finish of our driveways Asp Unique Paving is the best company on the market for exposed aggregate concrete and other concreting services and is far ahead of our competition. Using only the best ingredients for our mix, we know what it takes to build you the driveway you will be proud of.

ASP Unique Paving employs only the best qualified exposed aggregate concrete driveway experts. With us you can rest assured that the quality of the aggregate concrete driveway we build will guarantee that you will not need to resurface your driveways for many years to come. We will build the driveway of your dreams and by that add value to your home.

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