Exposed Aggregate Concrete for Driveways

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a style of concrete used in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide mainly for driveways but can be used for sidewalks, patios and swimming pool areas as well.

The unique appeal of exposed aggregate concrete is in its finish – exposing the small stones (pebbles) that are part of concrete mixture. This creates random patterns and a variety of colors.

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are a type of driveway where the concrete finish is a little different from your traditional, plain concrete driveways.

Such driveways are built by washing off the skin of surface once the concrete has hardened. This washing off then exposes the main aggregates of the concrete mix that are used to build the driveways.

Exposed aggregate concrete is pre-mixed with the pebbles already in it. Once the concrete has been poured and allowed to settle, the concreters need to skillfully remove the upper layer from the top to reveal the stones. The pebbles (called aggregates, hence the name exposed aggregate concrete) are of varying sizes and colors to create a natural effect and give the driveway special depth of color and texture.

Building a driveway with exposed aggregate concrete is a skilled job, especially if the desired finish is to be achieved and future cracks avoided. We strongly recommend using an experienced professional for all work with exposed aggregate concrete.

All works carried out by ASP Unique Paving meets Australian building standards regulations. We only use Exposed aggregate concrete that is deigned to withstand heavy traffic and extreme Australian weather conditions.

Our exposed aggregate concrete driveways are exceptionally long-lasting. Additional advantages of exposed aggregate concrete include slip resistance and good look that will improve the value of your home significantly.

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