Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Up until the mid 1980’s, exterior concrete driveways and patios were grey slabs with a plain stipple or broom finish. Come the mid 80’s the ready-mix concrete industry in Australia began to offer concrete with a wide range of colours and textures ( ex. Exposed Aggregate Concrete). Of these, the most popular has been patterned paving such as exposed aggregate concrete. ASP Unique Paving offers other finishes such as slate impression concrete, stenciled concrete .

The finish of exposed aggregate concrete is slip resistant, durable and decorative.

Exposed aggregate can be used with two or more colour combinations on your driveway or patio, orĀ incorporatedĀ as a border for your paving area. The colour and texture of the finished surface of exposed aggregate concrete will depend on the colour, shape and size of the stones.

The standard stone size is 7 mm-15 mm. The concrete mix should be at least 25 and 30 mpa for polished concrete, and a maximum slump of 80. The 30 mpa will give you a higher cement content and the lower slump will prevent segregation, honeycombing and flow lines.

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  1. Thank you Stan for the amazing work on our front yard. You and your team worked tirelessly and have literally transformed the area into something so much more inviting with beautiful retaining walls, exposed aggregate pathways and a new driveway. The whole family is enjoying it and I will recommend you to everyone we know.

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